For the next four weeks you will be using your Internet search skills to find and evaluate Web sites for using in EFL teaching. You will need to find and review five relevant sites every week, making a total of 20 for the partial period. You can make one post (entrada) for each review or you can put all five reviews for the week into one post. Your posts should be in Spanish and you should spell check and proof read your posts BEFORE you publish them. If you have any queations, please see me.

Here is an Example of a review of an ESL site:

I have chosen to review the Breaking News English Site

Description of Site:

This site offers a big collection of readings on current affairs that have been adapted for second language English Learners. The site is up to date and two articles are added every week. Each article comes with a lesson plan, an MP3 file for listening practice and exercises with answers for checking comprehension and building vocabulary. All of the components can be easily downloaded to use in class. It is also possible to subscribe to the site using an RSS feed so the latest articles get sent to your email. You can also subscribe to the podcast so that iTunes automatically downloads the latest listenings to your ipod.


This site offers ready prepared reading activities on current affairs. The readings are interesting and a good way of stimulating discussion. I would use this site for intermediate students and above  in secondary school or high school. I don’t think it is for beginners or for primary school students. I would download the articles and the exercises and use them to complement my classes, perhaps once a week.


This is a fantastic site. I give it 9 out 10.  I really recommend that you look at it. You will find it very usefull.