This week we are going to continue working on our blogs. There are several activities to complete apart from the exercise of finding and reviewing 5 ESL/EFL sites every week.

Activity A) Look at the replies to the first activity and follow the links to your classmates Blogs. Choose three Blogs and leave a reply (comment) to their welcome post. It is not important what you say; just something like “Hi, I really like your blog.” We want to make sure that everyone gets at least one reply, so if you see that a post already has a lot of replies then choose someone else’s Blog. Now go to your own Blog. You should find some comments waiting for approval in your dashboard. Approve them ands you will see that they appear on your Blog.

Activity B) Tagging. A tag is a keyword or term that you assign to a piece of information (eg. to an image or to a Blog entry). Many blog sites allow authors to add tags to a post. For example an author might write a post about the Yankees wining the World Series and then add the tags “baseball” and “champions”. Each of the tags links to an index page of all the posts in the Blog with the same tag. Tags are a way of organizing posts, but they can also be used to organize Web Pages. Go to and sign up to use the service. You can use this site as a driectory of your favorite web sites. Everytime you find a site you like you can add it to your Delicious account and give it some tags so you can find it easily. You can also suscribe to some tags. This means you can see what pages all the other users of Delicious have tagged with a certain word. (This might help you find some good sites to review for the activity in the previus post…)

Activity C) RSS feeds. RSS feeds allow publishers to syndicate (ie. make content available to other sites) automatically. This allows readers to suscribe to a feed and recieve updates in their email, web browser or Blog. Find a page (eg. a Blog) that has a feed (look for this symbol: ) (most feed addresses end with something like .rss or .xml) and add ut to your blog as a widget just as I showed you in class.

Well you have a lot to be doing….so you’d better get started; Have fun!