1. You can easily insert a streamed video into a post for your students to watch. Activity: Go to Youtube and find a good video for TEFL. Then click on “COMPARTIR” and “INSERTAR”. Then copy the HTML code that you see. When you are writing your post, click on the tab “HTML” and paste the code. When you publish the post, your video will appear. It is that simple! Here is an example:

Please add an instruction to go with your video, and don’t forget to give your post some tags.

2. Now that you have a delicious account, you can feed this into a widget on your blog. Go to “APPEARANCE” and then “WIDGETS” and add the Delicious Widget to your Blog. Keep adding pages to your Delicious account so I can see your latest additions.

3. You can also bookmark videos that you like, just like you bookmark pages in Delicious. I have a widget on my blog that shows the latest videos I have found. Create an account in Vodpod and then add the widget to your blog.