Blogs can be used to keep a portfolio of evidence of your students communicative competence. One example of this is to have your students record themselves using video and post their Videoblogs in WordPress.

Activity: You are going to make a short Video, upload it to Youtube and then embed the video in a post with a brief introduction.

Step 1. Record your self talking (and perhaps demonstrating) a hobby you have. You can use your mobile phone, Ipod, camera or if necessary you can borrow the Flip camera from the teacher or the video camera from the Coordinator.

Step 2. Edit your video. You can use Windows  Movie Maker on most computers, you can download freeware, or if necessary you can ask the teacher for a program and install it. Make sure your video is not longer than 10 minutes or 1.5 GB. Be careful not to give out any personal information on the video because it will be in a public site.

Step 3. Create an account in Youtube and upload your video. Here is a link wiith some tips. Make sure that your video is in a compatible format. If not you will need to download a video converter.

Step 4. When your video is available in Youtube, copy the code and embed it in a new post on your blog. Write a brief introduction about your experience as a VideoBlogger. Don’t forget to tag your new post.